Top quotes from Jim Harbaugh following MSU win

By Brandon Justice ,


Photo by Andy Shippy

Following Michigan’s 21-7 victory at Michigan State on Saturday, U-M head coach Jim Harbaugh took the podium to discuss his team’s victory.

From calling MSU’s pre-game antics “bush league,” to praising his quarterback as a “maniac,” when competing, Harbaugh was full of great quotes on Saturday.

Here’s the best from his session.

On team’s mood: “Great win, fabulous mood in the locker room. Team feels great about itself — and it should.”

On Chris Evans’ fumble: “Our team never blinked the entire time. Played hard, played smart — from the pre-game shenanigans, there was never a blink from our team.”

On delay: “Yeah, we let them know how long they have, get their mind relaxed. We told them it’d be about 45-50 minutes to relax, then 10 minutes to meet before we go out to the field. We mostly just wanted our guys to clear the minds for that 45 minutes. We wanted to do what we do when got back on the field.”

On pre-game shenanigans: “Well I just heard about — I didn’t see it. Apparently they clotheslined two of our guys with their helmets. One of their guys ripped off Lavert Hill’s headphones. And I guess Coach Dantonio was 5 yards behind it all smiling. I think it’s total bush league.”

On Shea Patterson play: “That was a great time for that play to happen in the ball game. Shea, I thought he was really good on all of his reads & runs. Maybe just once, on the third down, he should’ve scored.”

On Patterson: “A lot. He’s a great player. Love him as a competitor – love his talent, you know, he just keeps amping it up as the game goes on. He embraces all the pressure situation and pours it on the field. Pours his heart and soul. The ultimate respect for him and how he competes. He competes like a maniac — I love it.”

On MSU’s lone touchdown grabbing momentum: “I came across a great quote this week from Alonzo Mourning: adversity introduces a man to himself. Our guys didn’t blink.”

Harbaugh when asked if the rivalry’s respect wasn’t there today: “I don’t think that was very respectful. Like I said, it’s bush league (in reference to pre-game occurrence.).”

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