Devin Bush posts photo of MSU confrontation

By Brandon Justice ,



Before  No. 16 Michigan’s (7-1, 5-0) 21-0 victory over No. 24 Michigan State (4-3, 2-2), there was a pre-game confrontation that became college football’s No. 1 headline in Week 8.

It started when Michigan State did its weekly stadium walk. The problem wasn’t the walk, it was the timing, as the Spartans showed up 15 minutes late, during Michigan’s warmup.

Mark Dantonio stood behind the arm-locked Spartans as they walked across in tandem, causing an uproar two hours before game time. Players clotheslined Michigan senior Lawrence Marshall and ripped the headphones off of junior Lavert Hill’s head.

U-M’s junior defensive captain, Devin Bush, Jr., didn’t let the antics slide, and proceeded to kick the grass out of the Spartan logo at midfield.

Bush expressed no regret in what he did, adding that MSU provoked the situation and played dirty during Saturday’s rainy game.

Early Sunday morning, Bush posted a photo on his Instagram that shows him standing in front of the Spartans’ arm-holding-army with the caption ‘fear God.’

The Wolverines are heading into a bye week before hosting Penn State at home in two weeks.

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