Analyst predicts Michigan to beat Ohio State, win Big Ten

By Brandon Justice ,


Photo by Andy Shippy

There’s a feeling within the fan base of Michigan football that this team might be different.

FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt echoed that sentiment while appearing on FOX Sports 1’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd Wednesday afternoon.

While discussing the state of the Big Ten and Saturday’s Michigan-Michigan State showdown – which Klatt is calling as a part of FOX’s main broadcast – the former Colorado quarterback praised the Wolverines.

“I just saw Ohio State last week against Minnesota, and I’ve seen Michigan, even in a game in which they didn’t play well, down 17-0 to Northwestern before they came back and won,” Klatt said in response to Cowherd. “From both what I’ve seen on tape from evaluating both teams and what I saw live, my new favorite to win the conference is Michigan.”

U-M avoiding controversial quotes, ready for Spartans

Michigan > Ohio State?

Among the big names in college football’s long list of commentators and analysts, Klatt is the first to pick Michigan in the conference over the juggernaut Buckeyes.

Klatt added that Ohio State’s allowing the sixth-most plays over 30 yards and discredited the performance of its o-line against the Gophers last week.

“Michigan had a top two-or-three performance in all of college football last week,” Klatt said. “Last week against Wisconsin, they were unbelievable.”

Michigan’s loss to Notre Dame an afterthought

“That game was about the first quarter. I’m not taking a shot at Notre Dame. I think they’re going undefeated and going to the College Football Playoff. I really like Notre Dame a lot,” Klatt said. “Michigan, you could argue, the better team for three quarters. Michigan is a really good team – they had two holes they needed to fix from last year, offensive line and quarterback, they’re getting great play from both.”

The high praise continued from Klatt as he named Michigan his No. 2 team in the College Football Playoff – ahead of the Fighting Irish and Clemson.

Klatt will be on the call for Michigan’s noon EST game at Michigan State on Saturday.


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