Top quotes: Harbaugh rips Dantonio in bye week press conference

By Theo Mackie ,


Photo by Andy Shippy

After a dominant win over Michigan State, Michigan heads into its bye week at 7-1 and first in the Big Ten East. As he does every week, coach Jim Harbaugh spoke with the media ahead of the bye week.

This presser was a little more exciting than usual as Harbaugh ripped Michigan State and its head coach, Mark Dantonio, for Saturday’s pre-game shenanigans, as he called it.

Here are the best quotes from his media session:

On Josh Uche’s performance: Josh Uche is playing really good ball. Two big sacks in the game, really coming off the edge with speed and power and impacting games.

On the secondary’s performance: Secondary was lights out

On Juwann Bushell-Beatty’s injury: No update right now.

On the team’s plans for the bye week: We call it an improvement week. We’ll set out to do that. We still got a long way to go and a lot of big games ahead.

On Rashan Gary’s injury: He’s made progress. He practiced last week but he didn’t feel like he could play in the game.

On whether Gary’s injury could be a season-ender: I don’t know.

On the atmosphere in the Michigan locker room: It’s a real joy to coach these guys. They enjoy practicing, they enjoy each other’s company. You see it every day.

On players’ relationships with each other: Rarely do they take on the credit that someone’s trying to give them. They disperse it to a teammate. And it’s genuine, they are happy for the other guy’s success.

On the defense’s performance: Still trying to build. As I said, there’s a long way to go but there are some incredible things that came out of this game.

If there’s ever been a year for Michigan, it’s this one

On the run game: I thought we did a really good job being patient in the game. Especially in the first half, kept coming back to the run game, kept tweaking the run game, and eventually that was really good for us in the second half.

On Shea Patterson: Shea Patterson another really good game. A tough opponent, crowd noise, elements, I thought he played a superb game. No play bigger than 4th and 2 in the fourth quarter and he comes up with 10 or 12 or 13 yards.

On Donovan Peoples-Jones: He’s really developing this year. That’s been so great to see with all our receivers, just the improvements they’ve made. They work so hard, all of them. And Jim McElwain’s done an incredible job with them.

On Tarik Black: Don’t know exactly. He was cleared by the doctors to play. He practiced limited in the week and was cleared to play in the game.

On the pre-game incidents: When you host a team, you share the field. Each gets the sideline, each gets a half of the field to warm up on. And then Michigan State locked arms and tried to use every inch of the field.

More on the pre-game incidents: To call that unsportsmanlike or call that bush league is putting it mildly.

On coach Dantonio’s reaction to the pre-game incidents: Coach said that was BS but that’s not BS, it’s fact.

On who was to blame for the pre-game incidents: To use coach Dantonio’s words from a few years ago: “it’s not a product of a team but of their program.”

On Don Brown: There’s nobody better. What a phenomenal coach. There are none better. I’m really proud of all of our coaches.



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