Top quotes from Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan State week press conference

By Brandon Justice ,


Photo by Andy Shippy

You know what week it is.

Michigan will visit East Lansing on Saturday for a rivalry matchup against its in-state rival, Michigan State.

Both teams are coming off ranked wins as the Wolverines seek to avenge last year’s upset loss at home.

On Monday, as he does every week, U-M head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke with the media ahead of this season’s second rivalry week.

Here’s the best quotes from his media session.

On offensive line improvements: “It starts with the individual play of the players. Starting with (right tackle) Juwann Bushell-Beatty, thought he had his best game as a Wolverine. The way he started and finished his blocks … real good game for Juwann. Also in tandem with (right guard) Michael Onwenu — those two on the right side had a great game. All five graded out at a high level.”

On safety Josh Metellus: “Terrific game this past week — he was our defensive player of the game. Great interception and had a PBU. Overall, I thought the same can be said about Josh Metellus, his best game as a Wolverine.”

On MSU’s trick plays: “Yeah, always on alert in terms of trick plays — scouting and watching the tape, yeah that’s a discussion focus, be on alert for them.”

On MSU’s rush defense: “Yes, very good run defense. They’re very stout up front, they got some real hard-playing guys. Linebackers are some of the best in the league. Very sound system, they do a great job of adjusting, very well coaching, they have a lot of variation to their scheme.”

On win streak: “Enthusiastic every day. Excited to get back on the field and practice, prepared for the ball game. One day at a time, one game a time.”

On Grant Newsome: “Well, he’s knocking both out of the park in both. To the point where he can go around the bases twice. Very close to a perfect 4.0 GPA. As a coach, exceptional, as a underclassman, better than anyone I’ve ever seen. He contributes daily — scouting reports, in-game — anyone around here can tell you, he’s at the highest level.”

On his team: “Constant continuous improvement. Very intense about the way they practice and prepare. Better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today.”

On Shea Patterson: “Better each week. He finds another thing to be good at every single week — this past week, his running ability and ball handling was superb. The fakes, ball security, he does a great job protecting the football. He did have a forced (fumble) this past weekend, but that’s the first I can remember. Doing a great job.”

Approaching the MSU rivalry: “Um, the way it always has been and always will be. Coach it the same that it always has — big game.”

On Ben Mason’s limited snaps: “Not talking about injuries or game plan specifics.”

On Joe Milton: “I thought that there were some plays he could execute in the ball game.”

On team’s added motivation ahead of MSU: “Only been around a few players. Sunday, they’re off and Monday, they’re in class — we’ll see more this afternoon.”

On David Long: “He’s really solid and in the right place all the time. Heck of a good football player. He’s been tough. He’s out there every snap every ball game, just a really good player. Coverage is always tight, good tackler — he’s a top-notch player in the conference, in my opinion.”

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