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Speight barred from B1G and next year’s non-conference opponents, won’t play in bowl

Isaiah Hole/247Sports


It sounds like Wilton Speight was barred from transferring to a Big Ten team or non-conference opponent on next year’s schedule based on this tweet:

Considering the general exploitation of big-time college athletes, Michigan’s restrictions on where Speight transfers could be seen as unfair by national media, like when Spike Albrecht transferred.

However, after the restrictions there are still 50 Power 5 teams and 64 Group of 5 teams Speight could transfer to. Speight’s decision was his own, thus making the decision to restrict his move far more justified had it not been his choice.

The restrictions are not particularly accommodating, but Speight still has plenty of options.

Michigan’s quarterback depth chart for the bowl game just got a little thinner, though.

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