Jim Harbaugh: “I’m a different person coming into this season”

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Jim Harbaugh has been under national scrutiny following Michigan’s average 8-5 season that ended with a 16-point blown lead in the Outback Bowl against South Carolina.?

During an in-home visit with Mission Viejo (Calif.) 4-star OT Jarrett Patterson, Harbaugh told Patterson something we haven’t heard out of him before.

“Coach Harbaugh talked about how he realized that he needed to fix some things (after the season),” Patterson said in an interview with TWL.? “He said ‘I’m a different person coming into this season.'”

Harbaugh’s known for his standoffs with media, being tight-lipped in pressers, and his crazy antics on the sideline that were scarce in 2017.

He’s also known for the struggles the quarterbacks, and offense as a whole, had in the 2017 season; Critical play-calling; And having staff members that fans have made Twitter accounts dedicated to the hope that they’re terminated.

So this begs some questions for the polarizing head coach that’s heading into his 4th season in Ann Arbor.

jim harbaugh michigan football

Harbaugh during a press conference at Big Ten Media Day in 2017.

What will he change?

Will he really change?

Is Shea Patterson eligible?

There’s going to be plenty of questions for Harbaugh on this topic of change. Because most media members never predicted that Harbaugh would step back and change nor reinvent himself.

The change isn’t exclusive to just him, though.

Offensive coordinator/OL coach Tim Drevno is changing, too.

A source told TWL that Drevno gathered the Wolverines o-line and apologized to them for his coaching this past season. Fans were critical of Drevno, but it sounds like Drevno himself was even more critical.

For a staff that loves to stick to its guns, and hand off to tight ends, it’s a sign of light for this fan base to hear that the staff realizes it needs an update. Whether that update comes in offensive scheme, play calls, a new offensive coordinator, or anything in between, is yet to be seen.

For those who were wondering: Michigan sounds like it’s not comfortable. It looks to be showing more urgency than ever before under the Harbaugh era.

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  1. Much to think about, Brandon. I assume what you mean by “…most media members never predicted that Harbaugh would step back and blame himself,” you are referring to national media types who either don’t follow the program but from a distance or who would like nothing more than to see him fail at Michigan, right?

    My perception seems to be that, though JH is tight-lipped and comes across as stand-offish, he has consistently taken personal responsibility for poor play calling and the like. He certainly hasn’t shifted the blame to his players or individual assistant coaches, which can’t be said of many other prominent head coaches.

    Despite the disappointment that this season has been, I am confident that changes will be made that will improve the effectiveness of the offense and allow for greater success in the conference and on the national stage. As competitive as JH is, this season surely left a bad taste in his mouth and he will want to get rid of it by making the changes deemed necessary for success.

  2. Any chance the OC can be an actual different person? At minimum demote Drevno to O line coach. Best scenario would be to cut him loose and let some other school get multiple QBs injured on his watch.