Michigan takes down Rutgers 62-47


Michigan (17-5) took down the Rutgers Scarlet Knights (12-9) by a score of 62-47.?

After an embarrassing 20-point loss to Nebraska, Michigan needed to come back strong with a win against Rutgers to get back on track.

The Scarlet Knights, at 12-8, are a great buffer game before Michigan travels to Purdue on Thursday.

Tale of the first half: Michigan bad, Rutgers worse

The Wolverines only shot 37 percent from the field in the first half and they also had 6 turnovers.

Luckily enough, Rutgers shot an even worse 31 percent from the field and turned the ball over 8 times. Much of this could be attributed to the Wolverines’ defensive pressure.

Is Duncan Robinson back?

Michigan fans have been frustrated with the production from the senior all season.

He is known as a sharpshooter, but Robinson has been the third best 3-point shooter by percentage on the team of players with more than 50 attempts.

This game, Robinson was 4 of 8 from deep which made up all of his 12 points. Due to his liabilities on defense, If he is going to be on the floor, he has?to make shots. It’s as simple as that.

It seems to me that Isaiah Livers has cemented himself into the starting line up with his ability to both score and defend. Knowing that, Duncan Robinson can still be a weapon and put up points in a hurry.

Player of the Game – Moe Wagner

Wagner came back in a big way for the Wolverines after a poor performance in their loss to Nebraska.

The Junior put up 16 points (6-13), 6 rebounds, and an assist.

Versatility is Wagner’s specialty. Pick your poison:

If he is left alone on the outside, he’ll knock down jump shots.

If he is able to get the ball going to the basket, he is going to finish through, around, or over his defender:


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The Wolverines take to the road to get revenge on no. 3 Purdue on Thursday the 25th at 7:00 pm.


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