B1G Tournament game preview: Michigan vs Iowa


After defeating Illinois in the first round 96-87, the Iowa Hawkeyes have their eyes trained on Michigan.

The Wolverines got the best of Iowa in their two meetings during the regular season. The first was a 7-point road?victory and the last was a 15-point home win. Let’s take a look back at the previous two contests to see what we can expect for the Wolverine’s first game in the Big Ten tourney.

Iowa frontcourt scoring

In each of their meetings previously this season, Iowa got the bulk of their points from their frontcourt members, more specifically Tyler Cook and Luka Garza.

In Michigan’s first win, Tyler Cook had 28 and Garza had 6. The two accounted for nearly half of their team’s 68 points. Obviously in this game, Cook carried the whole team.

In the second win, Duncan Robinson deserves all the credit in the world for battling with Cook. All game Robinson was being physical with the much more imposing Iowa forward:

Here he ends up getting called for a foul, but after he forced the ball to rotate back to the other side of the floor. Cook finished with 10 points, but Luka Garza finished with 22. The combined 32 points was more than half of Iowa’s total 59.

Iowa zone defense

Fran McCaffery elected to run almost exclusively zone against Michigan last game. If Iowa decides that a zone defense is their best option, they may fall victim to Michigan’s quick guards and sharpshooters.

In previous games that is what happened. In the second meeting MAAR and Zavier Simpson combined for 11 assists, and Duncan Robinson was 6-8 from beyond the arc.

Michigan efficiency

The Wolverines have been known for a long time as a very clean team.

They don’t foul and they don’t turn the ball over. This combined with how forceful they have been on defense this year sets up to play out exactly how the last game against Iowa did.

On the offensive end, the Wolverines shot a forgettable 42 percent from the field. They did have a lot of points on threes, 36 points to be exact, but they only had 6 turnovers. Compare this to Iowa’s 16 turnovers, and you can see how Michigan beat?them by?15 even though they shot 48 percent on field goals.

Staff predictions

  • Landon Dillion: 82-69 Michigan
  • Brandon Justice: 77-70 Michigan
  • Eric Coughlin: 75-60 Michigan
  • Barstool UofM: 79-60 Michigan
  • Due: 80-71 Michigan
  • LGHail: 80-69 Michigan
  • Tanner Wooten: 77-62 Michigan






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