Get ready for Michigan vs. Texas A&M with this hype video that will make you run through a wall


I absolutely love hype videos.?

When I was a kid – which, as we know, was like a week ago – I’d spend the entire summer watching YouTube videos titled “Team 131: Michigan football rises again,” or some sort of dramatic title like that. Then I’d play some NCAA (RIP) and enjoy the world’s best combination: A Mountain Dew and Pina Colada Slurpee from 7-11.

Anyway, Michigan plays Texas A&M Thursday night in the Sweet 16. The game tips at 7:37 pm EST, but, for the time being, here’s a video to get you all sorts of riled up.

The video was created by MGoFish’s Stephen Osentoski, who is without question the best video guy that covers Michigan. You can see all his stuff at

Watch it below.

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