Michigan “Skyrocketed” expectations for 2019 Four-star FSU DE commit Mike Morris (Fl.) who visited last week


West Palm Beach (Fl.) American Heritage B/D defensive end Mike Morris arrived in Ann Arbor on Thursday and finished up his visit Friday night. While he?s currently committed to Florida State, Michigan is in the thick of this race.

The 4-star, 6-foot-6, 250-pound prospect is making his first visit to Michigan, and it?s one that he says he?s been planning for a while, and has him intrigued.

?I?ve been planning this visit since the end of the season,? Morris told The Wolverine Lounge. ?I?m very interested. Very, very interested. Especially now more than ever?.

Morris got the full tour while in Ann Arbor, and some coaching aspects in particular stood out for him.

Morris, who says his primary recruiter is defensive coordinator Don Brown, says he especially likes Michigan’s staff, “the coaching staff, I was talking to them, and they was like ?im sure everybody’s trying to move you to a 3 technique or somewhere else? which is true and he (Don Brown) was saying that someone with your stature and athleticism should not be moved into the interior. So I really took heed to all that. And then we were talking about family, and that got to me?.

?They want me at 6 technique. Strong side over the tight end?.

Morris was not only told?what position he could play at Michigan, but he also got to see it with his own eyes, as he took in the majority of Michigan?s first spring practice.

?I caught probably more than half of the practice today,? he said. ?I was looking at number 3 (Rashan Gary). I was really looking at him, because the coaches were talking about him over and over about, they?re recruiting me to replace him, so I was looking at him throughout practice and looking at the way he does drills?.

Morris says his time studying film with Jim Harbaugh has him feeling ?comfortable? and that he?s doing a lot of the same things in high school.

The full experience has Michigan sitting pretty, despite his status as an FSU commit.

?Honestly, they skyrocketed my expectations. They?re really, really high on my choices right now?. Adding that the visit was better than he imagined it would be.

He also got the full breakdown of the weight program, including information on post workout and practice nutrition, and more.

Morris says he?ll now compare Michigan, and any other school, with FSU, and noticed some key differences in the institutions as well.

?I?m definitely comparing them right now,? he said. ?Both are family oriented, but like FSU is going more towards education, while Michigan?s already at their education peak, and FSU is working towards that, so that?s like a big difference between the two?.

Morris added that Michigan?s practice style stood out compared to other college programs as well.

?I would say Michigan?s was more structured, it was more time efficient, it wasn?t just slacking, it was oh you’re going from this place to the next, to the next, to the next?.

So will it be a difficult to leave home for the West Palm Beach (Fl.) native?

?I mean of course it’s gonna be hard,? he said. ?But honestly I think I?ll mature enough to be able to go away from home, and if I do need my mom, I?m sure they would fly up and see me every once in a while?.

As for now, Morris is already planning a return visit to Ann Arbor, for an official visit.

?We?re trying to get to Michigan during the season,? he said.

Morris also plans to visit Tennessee and Miami, adding ?I?m looking to visit to Tennessee, in the near future, and I might go down to Miami next weekend?.

He plans to major in physical therapy at his school of choice.


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