NCAA Tournament game preview: Michigan vs Houston


Houston (6)?is coming off a thrilling 2-point win over San Diego State.

Michigan (3)?beat the Montana Grizzlies convincingly, despite playing some of their worst basketball of the year.

Stopping Rob Gray

This will be Michigan’s primary task on defense.

In Houston’s first round win over SDSU, the senior guard put up a 39 point, 8 rebound performance that had everyone talking about his hair:

Gray was unstoppable.

The craziest part of his 39 point game was his efficiency.

Houston’s leader shot 12 of 25 from the floor, and was 11 of 15 from the free throw line.

He is pretty crafty around the rim, can finish well, and gets to the free throw line. With Michigan’s ability to play defense without fouling, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Jon Teske may play an important role in this game as a rim protector. If Wagner has low production like last game, it would make sense to have Teske on the floor to protect the paint.

Similar size to Montana

Just like the game against Montana, Houston’s biggest player on the court is going to be around 6-foot-7 most of the time.

They do have a 6-foot-10 240 lbs center named Chris Harris Jr., but he plays extremely limited minutes. He averages 7.4 minutes per game for the entire season, but has seen even less game time in the past few games against better competition.

Devin Davis, who is 6-foot-6 225 lbs, and Breaon Brady, who is 6-foot-8 250 lbs are likely to be the starting “big” men for the Cougars.

Houston’s struggles vs SDSU

Outside of Gray, Houston really struggled to score against the length of the Aztecs.

No other player on the team reached double-digits, and despite Rob Gray shooting 48 percent on a volume of 25 shots, Houston still only shot 37 percent from the floor.

The rest of the starting line up shot? a combined 8 of 27.

The Wolverines are long compared to SDSU, and with their defense being one of the best in the nation, look for the Wolverines to hold the Cougars to a low shooting percentage for their second game in a row.



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