Spring Files: A detailed update on Michigan’s spring sessions


Now that our brief vacation following the Final Four trip is over, I received some notes on Michigan's spring practices to share.

I thought about doing this in story form, but it's going to be a lot easier for you folks to follow along in a simple, bullet-point, format.

If you have some questions, leave a comment or start a topic on the board and I'll answer what I can.

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    Brian Tingstad

    Saw a twitter post about Lavert Hill not practicing much due to injury. Article (Can’t remember who wrote it) made it sound like his job may be getting pushed by others. I assumed based off last year, and was under the impression, his and Long’s starting jobs were as solid as there is outside winovich/gary. Anything you hear to actually back this up, or is this more a ‘These players are working their asses off’ spring practice talk?
    I mean, I have to imagine Ambry Thomas is really pushing these guys, and is going to see a lot of snaps this year, but I can’t imagine either of their jobs are really in jeopardy