Welcome: Theo Mackie, football writer


Dear readers,

My name is Theo Mackie and I am thrilled to be joining The Wolverine Lounge team as a football beat writer this fall. I?m a sophomore at Michigan majoring in Statistics and History, and am originally from Washington, DC (home of the Stanley Cup champions).

I?ve always had a passion for both sports and writing, from obsessing over baseball box scores when I was four to distributing a weekly sports newsletter to my classmates in fifth grade. This passion transformed into a soccer blog and later a DC sports website that I ran with my friends in high school.

Last year, I found myself in the Michigan Daily?s newsroom a week into school and I?ve never felt more at home. Throughout the year, I covered men?s and women?s soccer and men?s track before becoming one of four beat writers covering the baseball team from Nashville to Ann Arbor to Omaha.

Though I?ll continue to write for the Daily, I am excited for the future ahead of us at The Wolverine Lounge. This fall, I?ll be one of three writers covering Michigan football, along with Eric and Brandon, and could not be more excited to begin working with them and delivering you, our readers, quality coverage every day.


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  1. As a Red Wings fan who now lives outside of DC, I find it so cute that the Capitals won their first cup.

  2. Welcome aboard, Theo!