A smirk and an offense that will be ?a little bit of everything? with Shea Patterson


ANN ARBOR, MICH. ??For the first time since his arrival on campus in January, Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson met with the media Thursday afternoon.

It wasn?t long ago that Patterson, a junior, was the starting quarterback at Ole Miss.

Now, nearly a year removed from his final fall in Oxford, Patterson is the starting quarterback for the Wolverines.

?I understand how big of an opportunity this is,? Patterson said to media inside Schembechler Hall. ?I?m excited to be at this University and to be a Michigan Wolverine.?

Patterson?s long-awaited debut is just nine days away, as he was already announced the starting quarterback by Jim Harbaugh on Monday.

Transferring from Ole Miss, the junior?s transitioning to a completely different offensive style.

Or is he?

A reporter asked: Has the offense changed around Patterson and what can we expect from it?

?A little bit of everything,? Patterson answered with a smirk.

It was that expression, that answer, and that moment that suggests Michigan has something up its sleeve, especially Patterson.

For Patterson, this is a dream. The idea used to follow him into his dreams when his father would tell him bedtime stories about Michigan football.

The dream and the stories are now real.

?It?s crazy that I?m here now, at The University of Michigan, and it?s reailty,? Patterson said. ?I?m just so thankful.?

In nine days, the Wolverines travel to South Bend to rekindle with an old enemy in Notre Dame.

The Golden Domers and The Winged Helmets go to battle on the gridiron once again. Starting right where they left off in Irish Stadium.

?I was there for the last Notre Dame vs Michigan game, the 31-0 game, as a recruit for Notre Dame,? he said. ?That was a great atmosphere. They have a great tradition. I?m just ready to get out there.?

And his peers agree with him.

Patterson’s confident style and game have the team on notice.

?You can tell from how he walks around, he has a presence,? Michigan fullback Ben Mason said in front of 40 reporters. ?He?s not afraid of anything. He has this swagger, it spreads throughout the team.?

With that swagger in his step and historic No. 2 on his chest, Patterson has a found a new home in Ann Arbor.

And the only way to fit in around this neighborhood? Beat the rivals.

That?s what Patterson will have to do in nine days against the Fighting Irish.


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