LIVE: Michigan vs. Western Michigan


Michigan is set to start a three-game home stretch Saturday afternoon against Western Michigan.

The Wolverines are looking to bounce back from a bitter 24-17 defeat to Notre Dame last week, while the Broncos are seeking a first ever win against Michigan.

Follow below for LIVE updates throughout the game. Kickoff is at noon ET from Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

LIVE: Michigan vs. Western Michigan

Pre-game: Michigan and Western Michigan take the field. Stay tuned for updates on the status of any players who are questionable for Saturday’s contest.

11:30:?Aubrey Solomon not dressed, as expected. Starting o-line will be the same as last week (Runyan, Bredeson, Ruiz, Onwenu, Bushell-Beatty).

First Quarter

14:56:?Ambry Thomas takes the opening kickoff to the 28 and Michigan will get us started on offense.

14:20:?Michigan appeared to have no clue what was happening on its second play from scrimmage and has to use its first timeout of the half to avoid a delay of game.

14:20: And immediately after the timeout, Michigan commits a false start.

12:40:?Patterson completes a screen pass to Chris Evans on third and long but it’s stopped for negative yardage and Michigan will punt.

11:50😕Western running back Levante Bellamy breaks off a big run on the Broncos’ first play from scrimmage to get Western up to midfield.

10:57: Lavert Hill almost comes up with the interception on 3rd and 9 but it falls incomplete and Western will punt.

8:11: Karan Higdon picks up 43 yards on a slashing run up the middle, evading a number of would-be tacklers.

7:05: Patterson rolls out to his right and hits McKeon, who extends over the pylon while getting hit to open the scoring for Michigan.?7-0 Michigan.

4:11: Gaping hole opens for Higdon on the left side of the line and he takes it 67 yards to the house.?14-0 Michigan.

1:38:?Brandon Watson nearly comes up with a pick on a 2nd and 13 long ball but loses the ball on the way down.

1:31:?Jon Wassink throws across his body over the middle on 3rd and 13 and it falls right into Noah Furbush’s hands for the interception.

1:24:?Higdon has another big hole up the middle and takes it to the 27 for a first down.

0:52:?Chris Evans takes an outside run to the left, makes a sharp cut upfield and takes it 27 yards for the score. 21-0 Michigan.

Second Quarter

13:43:?Back-to-back first downs here for Western on the first drive of the second quarter.

12:02:?Three Michigan players break through the line on the punt, Khaleke Hudson comes up with the block and Joe Hewlett scoops it up and takes it down to the 24.

11:30:?Bad miss from Patterson, overthrowing a wide open Sean McKeon in the end zone.

9:46:?Patterson hits Peoples Jones on a crossing route, Peoples Jones tries to leap into the end zone but is flattened at the 2

9:35:?Chris Evans is nearly tripped up in the backfield but stays on his feet to walk into the end zone from 2 yards out.?28-0 Michigan.

8:48:?Josh Metellus called for a late hit, turning a loss of 6 into a first down for Western.

7:02:?Khaleke Hudson comes up with big tackle on 4th down QB keeper to stop Wassink just short of the first. Turnover on downs at midfield.

6:55:?Patterson hits Collins down the middle for a 44 yard touchdown pass on the first play after the stop. Not perfectly in stride but a good ball from Patterson.?35-0 Michigan.

3:17:?Peoples Jones tries to play the punt on a bounce and muffs it. Ultimately recovers but not a good look.

3:10:?Patterson makes a fantastic play rolling to his right before showing great accuracy to hit Peoples Jones coming back to the ball for the first. His combination of mobility and accuracy is a thing of beauty.

Third Quarter

12:30:?Western goes for it on 4th and 1 from their own 47 but Bush comes up with the stuff.

11:38: Evans picks up 18 yards on a run up the middle, putting a beautiful juke on a Western linebacker.

10:21:?Patterson gets crunched in the pocket but flips it off to Tru Wilson for the completion to avoid a sack.

9:44:?Nordin sends the 40 yard field goal attempt wide left on his first attempt of the day.

9:37:?Rashan Gary breaks through for his first sack of the year.

8:11:?Michigan o-line opens up another big hole up the middle for Evans, who takes it 27 yards to the 24.

7:42:?Patterson throws a beautiful back shoulder pass to Peoples Jones in the end zone. Peoples Jones can’t come up with the one-handed grab but it’s called for a pass interference.

6:21:?Patterson unleashes a beautiful toss to Peoples Jones in the corner of the end zone.?42-0 Michigan.

2:07:?Patterson takes an option 16 yards down the left sideline for a first down.

0:41:?Patterson flushed out of the pocket. Goes full sprint to his right and nearly escapes but just barely tripped up by Alex Grace. Tries to get rid of the ball to avoid the sack but it’s originally called for intentional grounding then changed to a sack after replay.

0:22:?Patterson has Grant Perry over the middle on 3rd and 24 but just overthrows him and Perry can’t hold on. Michigan will punt.

Fourth Quarter

11:14:?Western goes for it on 4th and 5 from near midfield but the pass falls incomplete. Western is 1/4 on fourth down.

11:14:?Dylan McCaffrey is in at quarterback for Michigan. He’ll get a few drives here.

8:51:?To cap off an efficient drive, McCaffrey rolls to his right and hits Jacob McCurry inside the 5. McCurry puts on a nice juke to sneak into the end zone. First career touchdown for both of them.

5:10:?Davon Tucker picks up the first down on 4th and 1 from the Michigan 31 to put the shutout in jeopardy.

4:14: Hold on Ambry Thomas negates a third down incompletion and Western is into the red zone for the first time.

3:20:?Jordan Anthony comes up with the sack on third down for Michigan’s second sack of the day.

2:38:?Ambry Thomas blocks the 40 yard field goal attempt but is called for offside. Josh Grant sends the 35 yard re-try through the uprights to put Western on the board.?49-3 Michigan.

2:28:?Brandon Peters is in so he looks set to be third string.

2:20:?Tru Wilson takes a nice run up the middle for 17 yards and the crowd is “Tru”-ing.

0:25:?Berkley Edwards is stopped on 3rd and 1 and that will do it for today’s game.

Final Score: Michigan 49, Western Michigan 3.


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