AP Poll Analysis: Michigan No. 21, MSU down to 15


Michigan finds itself ranked No. 21 following Tuesday afternoon‘s release of the AP Top 25.

That’s seven spots lower than last week’s No. 14 ranking. After suffering a road loss to now No. 8, Notre Dame, the Wolverines will head into the weekend just inside the Top 25.

There’s been a healthy portion of reactions from the fan base and pundits alike, some slaying Michigan’s chances at a meaningful season.

With a No. 21 ranking, the Wolverines are a couple wins and some teams losing away from finding themselves back in the top-15, and inching towards being one of the nation’s 10 best teams.

That being said, they’re only a loss away from losing their Top 25 ranking altogether.

Michigan’s opponent this week, Western Michigan, got rocked at home by Syracuse. The Broncos allowed a whopping 55 points and 200 rushing yards from one player. The Orange didn’t receive a vote in the Top 25.

Big Ten in AP Poll

4. Ohio State (5)

5. Wisconsin (4)

13. Penn State (10)

15. Michigan State (11)

Michigan vs. AP Top 25




8. Notre Dame, away (Week One)


5. Wisconsin, home (Week Seven)

15. Michigan State, away (Week Eight)

13. Penn State (Week 10)

4. Ohio State (Week 13)


Michigan finds itself lower than I predicted — but not detrimentally lower. I tabbed them at No. 20, based on Saturday’s action around the FBS. They ended up at 21, a spot lower than my pick. I think they’re a better team than UCF right now, but, they’re a hot name. Most people like Central Florida right now more than Jim Harbaugh. Plus, Michigan’s coming off another infamous road loss to a ranked opponent. They’re fine where they’re at. If the Wolverines dominate these next two (WMU, SMU), they could easily find a new spot inside the top-16. But if there’s any sort of struggle, expect more slipping. For now, though, it’s simple: Michigan is a couple wins away from rocketing up and a loss way from being removed completely from the AP Top 25.


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