Big Ten Power Poll: Wisconsin bounces back, Purdue has life


It’s been a rough first quarter of the season for the Big Ten. Conference members have lost to two MAC teams, Kansas, Temple, and the list goes on. This year’s rendition of the conference — albeit with eight weeks left — hasn’t been the powerhouse it’s been in years prior.

Nonetheless, the Big Ten’s narrative and its identity remain the same: The East is going to beat up on each other and past its top five teams, it’s a generally weak conference.

Two teams remain undefeated. One team is without a win. The seven one-loss teams still have a shot at the title with no room for error.

Here’s this week’s standings as voted by The Wolverine Lounge?staff and other contributors.

Big Ten Conference Power Poll

  1. Ohio State (4-0)?(unanimous)
  2. Penn State (4-0)
  3. Michigan (3-1)
  4. Wisconsin (3-1)
  5. Iowa (3-1)
  6. Michigan State (2-1)
  7. Indiana (3-1)
  8. Maryland (3-1)
  9. Minnesota (3-1)
  10. Northwestern (1-2)
  11. Purdue (1-3)
  12. Illinois (2-2)
  13. Nebraska (0-3)
  14. Rutgers (1-3) (unanimous)?

Must watch Big Ten game of the week

Penn State vs. Ohio State …

… duh.

Our No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the power rankings face off Saturday at 7:30 p.m. EST. Both teams are undefeated with polarizing quarterbacks and offenses that are sure to make for some entertaining night cap Big Ten football.

If you love defense and and 14-9 finals … DO NOT WATCH THIS GAME … the over/under is 70. Seventy.

Prediction: Ohio State 56 Penn State 42

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