Final: Notre Dame 24, Michigan 17


Michigan kicked its season off against Notre Dame in South Bend on Saturday night.

The difference camef from Notre Dame’s defensive push and explosive first half offense.

Here’s how it all went down.

First Quarter

14:51: Football season is underway! Michigan stuffs Jafar Armstrong for no gain.

14:12: Back to back big passing plays for Notre Game gets them to the Michigan 31.

13:42: Tyree Kinnel called for a big facemask on a 2nd down stop. Bad start for the Wolverines? secondary.

13:35: Armstrong opens the scoring with a slicing 13 yard run up the middle for the touchdown. Barely touched on his way into the end zone. 7-0 Notre Dame.

13:29: First Michigan offensive play is a 7 yard gain for Higdon. Nice run up the middle.

11:59: Patterson now 1/1 in his Michigan career with an 8 yard screen pass to Nico Collins.

10:56: Higdon stuffed on a run up the middle on 3rd and 3. Offensive line not opening many holes so far.

9:06: Michigan gives up a big pass on 3rd and 9 from inside the five. Even bigger, Metellus ejected for targeting after a blatant shoulder-to-helmet targeting. Front 7 looks sharp but secondary is struggling.

7:32: Wimbush escapes the pocket for a seven yard first down scamper.

7:09: Brad Hawkins (in for Metellus) gets mossed for a 43-yard TD. Looked to have a pick but got outmuscled by Chris Finke. Nightmare start for the secondary. 14-0 Notre Dame.

5:50: Three straight looks for DPJ. First, and end-around, then two quick out routes. He?ll be an important player for the Michigan offense this year.

5:10: Big third down pick up for Patterson on the pass to Gentry. Patterson looks very comfortable in the pocket.

3:16: Patterson hit on a drop-back, leading to a pop up pass. McKeon does well to prevent an interception.

3:10: Offensive line collapses on 3rd and 6, leading to a big sack pushing Michigan out of field goal range.

1:16: Good downfield coverage on 3rd and 14 to force Notre Dame?s first 3 and out.

Second Quarter

14:22: Patterson hits Nico Collins again for a 3rd and 3 conversion. Michigan into the red zone for the first time.

12:15: 2nd and goal from the 3 and the offensive line collapses on Patterson again.

11:35: Patterson tries to hit Gentry over the middle from the 10 but it?s broken up. Michigan will have to settle for a field goal.

11:32: Nordin splits the uprights on a 28-yarder. 14-3 Notre Dame.

7:54: Michigan brings the pressure on 3rd and 3 to force an incompletion from Wimbush but Josh Ross called for a hold. Big penalty.

7:17: Wimbush escapes another sack to gain 11 with his feet on 1st and 15. Michigan defense on its heels again.

5:37: QB sneak gets Notre Dame the first on 4th and inches from the Michigan 10 after another scramble on 3rd and 7.

5:06: Michigan finally gets to Wimbush. Winovich and Bush break through for the sack.

4:00: Michigan gets a stop on 3rd and goal from the 7 but Winovich is called for a roughing the passer.

3:55: Five seconds later, Armstrong strolls into the end zone untouched. 21-3 Notre Dame.

3:41: Ambry Thomas breaks a number of tackles to take the kickoff 99 yards to the house. 21-10 Notre Dame.

?1:26: Wimbush hits Claypool for the 12 yard pickup under pressure on 3rd and 4. Devin Bush down on the play.

:56: Wimbush overthrows a screen, almost picked by Brad Hawkins but he can?t come up with it.

:40: DPJ catches the punt inside the 5 and is taken down at the 2.

Third Quarter

14:51: Patterson goes deep to Collins on the first play of the half for a 52 yard gain.

13:49: Three straight incompletions and Nordin is coming out again.

13:42: Will Hart drops the snap, tries to scramble and fails. Turnover on downs.

13:11: Wimbush hit by Winovich while throwing and overthrows the long ball right into Brandon Watson?s arms. Big interception for the Wolverines.

11:03: Michigan goes for it on 4th and 4 from the Notre Dame 45 but can?t find Gentry. Three and out. Missed opportunity.

10:26: Good defensive series from Michigan, getting consistent pressure to Wimbush on a three and out.

8:47: Michigan run option snuffed out on 3rd and 3. This game is starting to settle into the defensive battle we expected.

7:28: Devin Bush breaks through for a big 2nd down sack on Wimbush.

6:53: Wimbush slips out of the pocket yet again to convert a 3rd and 18 with his feet.

5:27: Gary breaks through but misses the tackle for the sack, allowing Wimbush to escape for a 19 yard completion to Claypool.

4:00: Watson burned by Miles Boykin for what looked to be a touchdown but there?s a flag for ineligible man downfield. Weird play where refs never announced the penalty but Michigan is saved big time.

3:07: Notre Dame has to settle for a 48-yard field goal attempt and Justin Yoon nails it. 24-10 Notre Dame.

1:57: Patterson takes his turn evading a sack to pick up a big first down at midfield.

1:20: Patterson is hit while throwing and throws a pick on a deep out route. Bad pass protection but even worse mental mistake from Patterson.

14:48: Nice defensive stand from Michigan for the 3 and out. Might be too little, too late.

13:17: Patterson is being looked at on the sidelines and McCaffrey is in. Patterson is back in after one handoff.

12:17: Patterson rolled his ankle on a rollout and is out of the game again.

11:36: McCaffrey picks up the first down to Perry on 3rd and 5.

9:45: McCaffrey picks up another first down to Peoples-Jones on the left side on a replay review after originally being ruled short.

9:03: Third first down for McCaffrey on a rollout pass to Perry. Patterson initially jogged back onto the field but is now heading to the locker room.

7:14: McCaffrey throws incomplete for Higdon on 4th and 7. Pocket collapsed on both third and fourth down.

5:16: Another stop from the Michigan defense but it?s almost certainly too late.

4:52: Patterson is back in and completes a screen pass to Evans for the first.

3:56: Patterson scrambles for 3 yards. Pocket is collapsing on him on almost every snap.

3:07: Patterson rolls out and hits Oliver Martin for a 21 yard pickup to the Notre Dame 5.

2:18: Higdon punches it in from the 3 on a pump draw. Not much urgency on that possession so Michigan might not get the ball back but they do have all three timeouts. 24-17 Notre Dame.?

2:00: Michigan gets the 3 and out and uses all three timeouts to hold Notre Dame to an 18 second possession.

1:48: Peoples Jones returns the punt 6 yards. Michigan will take over at its own 25.

1:14: Patterson eludes the pocket and hits Perry for the first down to the 45.

:46: Pocket collapses on Patterson again and he loses control of the football. Te?Von Coney scoops it up for Notre Dame and that?ll be the ballgame.

Final score: Notre Dame 24, Michigan 17.

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