LIVE: No. 19 Michigan vs. SMU



Michigan rounds up its non-conference slate against 0-2 SMU on Saturday.

The Mustangs are coming off a 42-12 defeat to TCU last weekend while the Wolverines demolished Western Michigan 49-3 and will be looking to keep the good performances rolling ahead of Big Ten play.

Follow below for LIVE updates throughout the game. Kickoff is at 3:30 ET from Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

LIVE: Michigan vs. Southern Methodist

Pre-game: Michigan and SMU take the field. Stay tuned for updates on the status of any players who are questionable for Saturday?s contest.

3:25: Lawrence Marshall warmed up and is dressed. Aubrey Solomon not dressed.

First Quarter

14:54: We’re underway in Ann Arbor with a 6 yard pickup from Chris Evans.

13:40: Evans stuffed on 3rd and 1 and it’s a 3 and out to start.

11:40: After one first down, Chase Winovich knocks down a 3rd and 8 attempt for SMU and the Mustangs will punt.

11:22: Patterson steps up the pocket and fires a pass over the middle to Oliver Martin. Almost picked but it slips through the linebacker’s hands and falls into Martin’s lap for a first.

9:35: Patterson sacked on third down and Michigan will punt.

6:52: Gary gets through on the 3rd and 10 blitz. Can’t bring down Ben Hicks but forces him to throw it away and SMU will punt again.

4:32: Patterson gets good protection on the play action and drops a dime for a 32 yard pickup to Gentry.

2:12: Michigan goes for it on 4th and 1 from the SMU and 15 and Evans punches it up the gut for a first.

0:16: Patterson gets good protection 3rd and 8 but can’t find an open receiver and tries to force it to McKeon in the end zone and it’s intercepted. Defender is originally called out of bounds but the ruling on the field is overturned and it’ll be SMU ball.

Second Quarter

13:57: Michigan gets the stop on a QB keeper on 3rd and 11 and SMU will punt. Defense is performing but that was basically a given, considering SMU’s offensive woes through two weeks.

12:20: Four man rush gets to Patterson but he avoids the sack and turns it into a pickup of two.

11:50: Linebacker gets through to Patterson untouched but he hits Gentry on the seam for a first down as he’s hit.

8:54: Patterson fumbles the snap on 1st and goal from the 3 but falls on it to prevent the turnover.

7:23: Evans stopped at the one-inch yard line on 3rd down from the 2.

6:56: A third fullback carry of the game and Ben Mason punches it in for the touchdown. 7-0 Michigan.

5:16: Blown coverage from Michigan allows James Proche to streak down the left sideline wide open and Ben Hicks hits him for the 50 yard touchdown.?7-7 tie.

5:12: SMU attempts an onside kick but Michigan recovers and will take over at its own 40.

3:25: Michigan attempts two rushes up the middle on 3rd and 1 and then 4th and 1. First one goes for no gain, second gets a yard for a first down.

2:34: Patterson gets time in the pocket on the play action and hits Peoples Jones wide open at the 15. DPJ flips over the defender into the end zone to put Michigan back on top.?14-7 Michigan.

1:48: Hudson breaks through on the right side for a sack but it’s brought back as he was offside.

1:22: One play later, Carlo Kemp gets through and brings down Hicks.

1:16: Hicks hits Proche on a post route down the middle for a 32 yard gain on 3rd and 11.

0:45: Bryan Mone takes Hicks down for a big sack.

0:00: One play after committing a PI, Josh Metellus jumps the out route and takes the interception back 73 yards to the house, weaving through defenders as the clock ran out. That’ll mask some of Michigan’s struggles through one half. 21-7 Michigan.

Third Quarter

14:52: Devin Bush comes across the top to make a nice pass breakup on 2nd down but he’s down and being looked at by trainers.

12:35: Patterson nearly brought down for a sack but escapes and finds Gentry for the first.

11:50: Patterson steps up out of the pocket and breaks through for a 25 yard gain but it’s negated by a holding penalty.

9:33: Patterson again hits Gentry, this time on the seam route to get Michigan down to the SMU 6.

9:07: Patterson hits Peoples Jones on the back shoulder fade to the right side of the end zone for the score.?28-7 Michigan.

5:42: After an extremely questionable pass interference keeps SMU’s drive alive, Khaleke Hudson is ejected for targeting on a run up the middle.

2:34: SMU converts a 4th and 4 from deep in Michigan territory on another completion to Proche, this time on the right sideline.

1:40: William Brown hits James Proche on a fade in the corner of the end zone but Proche is ruled out of bounds. Would have been an incredible TD catch.

1:36: On the next play, Brown rolls out and hits Proche in the flat for a touchdown. This one will stand but the extra point is no good. 28-13 Michigan.

1:36: SMU goes for another onside kick but it’s recovered comfortably by Josh Ross for Michigan.

1:23: Good pass protection again on the play action and Patterson hits Peoples Jones in stride for a 41 yard touchdown.?35-13 Michigan.

1:12: And it’s a third pass interference penalty in the last two defensive drives for Michigan, this time against Lavert Hill on a deep ball down the right side.

Fourth Quarter

13:52: SMU completes the Philly Special for a first down. Michigan defense on the ropes again.

12:50: Metellus beaten deep again by Proche for a big touchdown but it’s negated by a holding call on SMU.

12:00: Brown rolls out to run for a first on 3rd and 16. Michigan defense really struggling right now.

10:43: Brown rolls out and hits Proche for a 2 yard score. That’s Proche’s second score of the game. He has 10 receptions for 130 yards.?35-20 Michigan.

10:25: Evans finally gets a big hole up the middle and takes it 35 yards.

8:08: After a 3rd down incompletion, Nordin blasts a 45 yard field goal through the uprights. That one could have been good from 60.?38-20 Michigan.

4:34: Patterson looks to go downfield on 3rd but doesn’t find anyone open so scrambles for an 18 yard pickup. Shows his wheels there.

1:05: Patterson fakes the end around and hands it to Tru Wilson up the gut. Wilson bounces off a few would-be tacklers to take it in for the score.?45-20 Michigan.

0:51: Brown completes another big pass to Proche over the middle, this time for 36 yards before Josh Ross brings him down.

0:20: Kwity Paye demolishes Brown as he throws but it’s ruled offside. That follows a questionable roughing the passer call against Michigan on the previous play and SMU is in the Michigan red zone.

0:00: 4th and 5 pass from the 19 intended for Proche falls incomplete and this one is final. Final score: 45-20 Michigan.

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