No. 19 Michigan Routs Nebraska 56-10



Michigan opens its conference schedule Saturday afternoon against Nebraska.

The Huskers come to Ann Arbor off a loss to Troy last week but will likely get dual-threat quarterback Adrian Martinez back on Saturday.

For its part, Michigan will be looking to open Big Ten play with a win for the fourth consecutive year.

Follow below for LIVE updates throughout the game. Kickoff is at 12:00 ET from Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

LIVE: Michigan vs. Nebraska

Pre-game: Adrian Martinez is listed as probable and is warmed up and throwing on the field.

First quarter

14:00: Michigan brings the pressure on 3rd and 9 to force Martinez out of the pocket but he throws a jump ball downfield that Stanley Morgan comes down with for the Huskers.

13:23: Lawrence Marshall tips Martinez’s first down pass and Metellus swoops in for the interception.

12:25: Karan Higdon breaks a big run on Michigan’s second play from scrimmage to get the ball down to the Nebraska 11.

10:27: Ben Mason gets the ball from the half yard line on the FB dive and punches it in for six.?7-0 Michigan.

9:49: Jordan Glasgow breaks through the line uninterrupted on 3rd down for a sack. Nebraska goes 3 and out.

8:58: Karan Higdon finds a huge hole and blasts down the left side for a 44 yard score on Michigan’s first play of the drive.?14-0 Michigan.

8:51: Martinez is absolutely flattened by Gary on 1st down but gets the ball off for a 3 yard gain.

7:58: Martinez tries to roll out to his left on third down but three Michigan defenders break through, with Gary collecting the sack.

5:28: Michigan goes four wide on 3rd and 12 and Patterson stays calm as he’s hit and is able to find Gentry for the first.

3:10: Ben Mason walks the ball in from four yards for his second score of the day. Nordin shanks the extra wide left.?20-0 Michigan.

2:48: Martinez completes a screen pass on the left side but Devin Bush flattens Maurice Washington for a loss of four.

2:26: Glasgow and Winovich pressure Martinez but he escapes the sack to throw the ball away.

2:16: Martinez keeps the ball and steps up through the pocked to pick up 15 for the first down. Michigan’s struggles allowing mobile quarterbacks to run continue.

0:01: Nebraska forces a 3 and out but muffs the punt and Ambry Thomas recovers. He takes it to the house but it’s ruled dead after Thomas recovers it.

Second quarter

14:11: Michigan has to settle for a field goal try after a missed call on a potential pass interference but Nordin splits the uprights from 50 yards out. That looked like it had the distance to be good from 60.?23-0 Michigan.

12:42: Patterson hits Nico Collins for a 23 yard pickup on a beautiful over-the-shoulder sideline toss.

10:15: Patterson rolls out right but misses Oliver Martin on a crossing route. First clear missed throw from Patterson today.

10:01: Patterson zips in a 6 yard completion to Gentry between two defenders on 3rd and 7. Great, hard throw.

9:28: Higdon punches it up the gut on 4th and 1 to pick up the first.

8:20: Michigan fakes the run from the 5 yard line and Patterson lobs it to a wide open Zach Gentry for six.?30-0 Michigan.

8:02: Three Michigan defenders break through on Martinez again, with Winovich tripping up Martinez for the sack.

7:27: And Bush is through untouched for a sack. That’ll bring up 4th and 30 for the Huskers. Wonder if they’ll punt this one…

6:37: Higdon slices through the middle for a 25 yard pickup to the Nebraska 9 on the first play of the drive. Starting to think Nebraska could struggle to win with this one.

5:25: Mason punches it in from the 2. Three touchdowns in the first half for him.?37-0 Michigan.

4:03: Martinez’s pass is tipped Aidan Hutchinson. Martinez catches it in the end zone and throws it forward, resulting an illegal forward pass and a safety.?39-0 Michigan.

1:38: Patterson sacked for a 9 yard loss on 2nd and 7 for Nebraska’s first sack of the afternoon.

0:03: Michigan goes for it on 4th and 7 from the Nebraska 42. Patterson throws a good-looking bomb to Nico Collins off of play action but it’s well defended (or pass interference, if you’re into that type of thing, which the refs apparently are not).

Third quarter

11:19: Ruiz snaps it over Patterson’s head and Patterson has to race back to collect the ball. He could’ve thrown it out of bounds but instead tosses it to Grant Perry for a 9 yard loss.

10:22: Andrew Bunch is in at QB for Nebraska but rushes for 4 yards on his first play of the game and is down with an injury.

9:02: WHAT A RETURN! DPJ takes the punt 60 yards to the house, evading multiple defenders, including a silky spin move at the 20.?46-0 Michigan.

7:39: Michigan gets called for defensive holding and roughing the passer on the same play. Josh Ross was the on called for the roughing the passer on a low hit on Bunch, who’s back in the game.

7:33: Bunch hits Morgan on the right sideline for a 27 yard pickup over David Long.

5:41: Michigan gets the stop thanks to a few nice defensive plays.

5:23: Garrett Pickering hits a 35 yarder to get the Huskers on the board here in the third.?46-3 Michigan.

5:10: Dylan McCaffrey is in at quarterback and takes an option 75 yards to the house but Oliver Martin is called for a clear hold and it’ll come back.

3:27: McCaffrey makes back-to-back nice throws rolling out to his right and Michigan is in Nebraska territory again.

2:16: McCaffrey evades pressure to scramble for the first down, showing his wheels again. Finishes the run by lowering his shoulder for extra yardage rather than stepping out of bounds.

1:03: McCaffrey hits Oliver Martin in the end zone with a nice pass on a go-route but Martin loses control of the ball as he goes to ground and Quinn Nordin will come out for the field goal.

0:58: Nordin splits the uprights from 37 yards.?49-3 Michigan.

Fourth quarter

14:30: McCaffrey has Ambry Thomas open on the go route but underthrows him and Thomas isn’t able to hold on as he’s hit.

14:21: One play later, McCaffrey finds Ronnie Bell in stride on the right sideline and Bell puts on a nice juke at the 10 to walk into the end zone for a 56 yard touchdown. First career catch (and touchdown) for Ronnie Bell.?56-3 Michigan.

11:55: Will Hart booms a 65 yard punt inside the Nebraska 5. He’s averaging 59.3 yards per punt.

9:05: Christian Turner is in the game at running back and picks up 19 on the rush to the left.

7:20: Brandon Peters, who is now in at quarterback, rolls out to his right and tries to find Nick Eubanks in the end zone but throws a lame duck that’s caught by the Nebraska cornerback out of bounds. Update: the ruling on the field is reversed and Nebraska will take possession at the 20 on a touchback.

6:18: Wow, Nebraska picks up 21 yards but more importantly, Khaleke Hudson is called for roughing the passer and targeting. If this stands, he’ll miss the first half at Northwestern.

5:11: Bunch finds Tyjon Lindsey on a slant for a touchdown but it’s brought back thanks to an ineligible man downfield.

4:45: Ambry Thomas is called for pass interference in the end zone. Pretty clear, didn’t turn his head around at all. Penalties continue to be an issue for Michigan.

4:14: Wyatt Mazour takes it in for Nebraska from 3 yards out.?56-10 Michigan.

1:10: Brandon Peters and the Wolverines are in victory formation and will run this one out.?Final score: 56-10 Michigan.


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