PODCAST: Is Jim Harbaugh’s window to being elite at Michigan closing?

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Following Michigan’s loss to Notre Dame, head coach Jim Harbaugh has been subject to an abundance of criticism.

He’s 9-9 in his last 18 games as the Wolverines head coach, and the program continued its cold streak of 17-straight road losses to ranked opponents.

There’s still no way Harbaugh is fired or moves on, but there’s a legitimate question.

Is Harbaugh’s window to being elite at Michigan closing?

Listen to the early week episode of State Street of Mind to find out our answer and analysis on the question.






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  1. Yes the window is closing, but it has nothing to do with “this is just Michigan’s ceiling”. It’s all about coaching. Coaching, coaching, coaching.

    What happened at MSU before Dantonio? Answer = Nothing. WITH Dantonio? Answer = constant 10, 11, 12 win seasons, two B1G championships in the last five years and they made it to the college football playoff.

    What happened at Penn State before Franklin? Answer = Not much. Joe Pa posted a ton of underwhelming seasons. WITH James Franklin? Answer = Back to back 11 win seasons, B1G championship and a trip to the Rose Bowl.

    What happened at USC after Pete Carroll left? Answer = not a darn thing. That team went from Bama level success each year to trash.

    What happened to Texas after Mack Brown retired? Answer = not a darn thing. They’ve been horrible ever since.

    What happened to Florida after Urban Meyer left? Answer = not a darn thing. They’ve been bad ever since.

    What does all this mean? Is 2-3 losses each year the ceiling for Michigan because the program just isn’t capable? No. It all comes down to capable coaching. Coaching makes the difference between a USC dynasty and a USC who struggles to win 7-8 games. Coaching makes the difference between a 6-6 Luke Fickell coached Ohio State and a 12-0 Urban Meyer coached team the very next season. If the coaching is good enough, the elite teams will come. If the coaching isn’t good enough, the teams will never be elite and will be average to slightly above average over the long-term.

    So while Jim still has time, and personally I would give him until season 5, if the worse case scenario comes true and Jim can’t get it done, then winning 8-9, maybe 10 games while losing to Ohio State every year and not winning the B1G is worthless and we might as well cut our losses and continue searching for a coach capable of greatness.