Top quotes from Jim Harbaugh’s post-game Week 2 press conference


ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Michigan showed no mercy in its 49-3 drubbing of Western Michigan.

The Broncos didn’t see the red zone until the fourth quarter and didn’t score a point until the final minutes of the contest.

Following the blowout, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke to a packed room of media for his post-game press conferences.

Here are his best quotes from the 15-minute session in Ann Arbor.

On Shea Patterson touching the banner for the first time:?”He had a little sugar on his flakes going up there.”

On offensive line:?“I thought they played really good. Tip of the cap every time you have over 300 rushing yards. Pass protection was good — they looked sound.”

On Noah Furbush:?“Making the big play on the interception. He was really sound on the edge and played really well.”

On Shea Patterson:?“I think Shea played really well again. A couple throws he made out of the pocket — those are big-time plays. He’s really accurate, again; Playing cool and making the tight window throws. He’s ascending, playing really well.”

More on Patterson:?“The feel, the depth perception, and the ability to throw different types of pass. Like that sprint throw to Oliver Martin — which was a terrific catch by Martin. The throw to (Peoples-Jones) wasn’t his first read, that was a long throw from sideline-to-sideline.”

And more:?“He’s got really good vision of the field. I ask him all the time how he’s seeing things. The pass to (Peoples-Jones) really put the exclamation point on it. To change the channel, throw it to the corner, and make that accurate of a throw … that means you’re really seeing things well.

On honorary captain Brenda Tracy:?“We all learned so much from Brenda. So did our players. She’s amazing, her work is amazing … we appreciate it. It was a huge thrill to have her, we’re honored to have her on our sideline.”

On the fast start:?“Our team started faster in this ball game. Really played with their wits about ’em.”

On Dylan McCaffrey:?“Dylan has a real coolness about him when he’s out there. You can see it from the sideline, watching him execute.

On KOS Jake Moody:?“He’s another cool customer!”


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