Top quotes from Jim Harbaugh’s post SMU press conference


Following a 45-20 win over SMU at home, Jim Harbaugh was at the podium postgame press conference.

Always full of interesting quotes and analysis, here’s Harbaugh’s best answers from Week Three’s post game presser.

On Shea Patterson: “He’s making a lot of good decisions. His receivers are helping him out a lot. Everyone’s running good routes for him and catching the ball. He’s making the throws when they present themselves – the short ones, intermediate ones, and deep ones.”

On the targeting and ejection of Khaleke Hudson: “My though on that is … I don’t know … are we going down that road? Are we going to review every play in the box? Running backs are going to go through their and lower their head and defenders are going to try to get lower.”

On 13 team penalties: “You have to go back and look at them, look at the technique, and address it through coaching and discipline. I don’t agree with them now and I don’t think I’ll change my mind when I see the tape. I didn’t agree with the late hit on Aidan Hutchinson. Said the QB was going to land on his back no matter what. Said that was pretty clear.

On the fourth down offense: “I think we really did a good job on fourth-down. We were 3-for-3 … real positive.”

On Karan Higdon’s injury: “Karan Higdon was a game time decision … he didn’t feel like he could go. Chris Evans, we’ll have to see, could be a strain or something.”

On team progress: “It’s always a process, but I’m definitely seeing progress. There’s more to be had, ready to get after it this week.”

On the defense: “All 11 were playing at a high level. Our defense does it as good as anybody in the country. Progress has been made, we’re getting better. Day-by-day, better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than yesterday.”

On SMU’sJames Proche’s big day: “He got outside of our contain a few times, quarterback threw the ball pretty accurate. I’m not sure how he did it every time … he made plays.”

On the offensive line: “A lot of positives. I thought the pass protection was really well today … coming along steadily.”

On Zach Gentry: “What a great big target he is. He broke a big play off three times.”

On Tru Wilson:?“He took another step in the right direction. A really solid distributing back.”

On Quinn Nordin: “Happy to see Quinn Nordin make a field goal. That’s a big field goal at the end of the game .. 45-yarder.”

On Big Ten play: “They’re big games. They really almost count as two. What you do, what they do, it almost counts as two.”


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