Top quotes from Jim Harbaugh’s post-Maryland press conference


Jim Harbaugh entered the Crisler Arena Media Center following Michigan’s 42-21 victory over Maryland to speak with media.

The always-entertaining Harbaugh had a lot to say about his team’s fifth-straight victory. Sitting at 3-0 in conference play, the Wolverines look ahead to Wisconsin, their first ranked opponent since Week 1, when they lost to Notre Dame.

Here’s the best quotes from Harbaugh’s Week 6 post-game press conference.

On Shea Patterson’s mobility: “He throws really well from the pocket when he has it. When he has to escape it, he has a knack — a vision, a sensation of where to be — in the pocket. It’s a real weapon. He’s really growing, playing better & better every week. He was just making plays. He plays so hard and has so much energy.”

On Zack Gentry: “Players making plays. (Zack) was finding the seams, making the catches and creating separation.?The way he’s grown: well, he’s put on 40 pounds of muscle, as a pass blocker, and catching the ball. Guys are draped on him and he’s making plays. He’s really worked hard … and a great job as a blocker. He’s grown into the prototypical tight end, and he’s got about a good as attitude as any.”

On Ronnie Bell: “How about my guy, Ronnie Bell? It takes guys to decades to have that fearlessness. He’s a great kid — I like him a lot.”

On pass protection: “Ed Warinner is doing a great job with those guys. They’re all playing their best football.”

On Jared Wangler: “Great to see Jared get that touchdown. That was a huge play for the offense. That was big to get that touchdown back. His role is expanding a lot because of Ben Mason — whose role is expanding a lot, too. Also, (Wangler) has a good ability to block, versatile on 3rd down.”

On the defense: “Really, an epic defensive performance. We got a little thin toward the end of the game. Great job, great performance. This Maryland team has a very potent running game. You could see what they did to Texas. A lot of misdirection and distractions to open up seams. A lot of big runs — we didn’t give those up today.”

On Ben Mason: “His package is really expanding. He’s doing about everything. Just him being a tailback today brought on a 6-2 defense, and brought on an extra defensive lineman. We were able to run a boot and get out of the pocket. He’s got the ability to do a lot — catch the ball out of the backfield, run.”?

On Karan Higdon surpassing 2,000 career yards: “He’s getting the extra yards. He’s broken some big runs in his career — and he has this year, too. He turns a 4-yard gain to a 6-yard gain. He’s done a terrific job training and preparing himself for the season.”

On defensive linemen injuries: “Michael (DwumFour), we’ll see, still evaluating what he has. Same for Carlo (Kemp). Rashan (Gary), I felt he couldn’t play … it’s not long-term. Aubrey (Solomon) had a good week of practice.”


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