Top quotes from Jim Harbaugh’s Maryland week press conference


Michigan (4-1, 2-0) won its third game in a row on Saturday in comeback fashion at Northwestern. As he does every Monday, Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media for his weekly press conference.

Here are the top quotes from Harbaugh’s media session.

On the status of Chris Evans and Rashan Gary: “No injury updates this morning.”

On Jon Runyan’s improvements: “He’s healthy, he’s stronger this year … playing with a good demeanor … playing good football.”

Was this the offensive line’s best performance? “I don’t know if I’d say it was the best. It was good. I thought the entire team was willing to do what it took to win … had the talent to do it.”

On Karan Higdon: “He’s got the ability to run all assortments of run. He can’t just run inside or runs or outside runs. He allows us to use him as much as the offense has … The biggest improvement I’ve seen from Karan is the extra yardage after contact. He’s getting four and five yards. Something he’s continuing to build on is his ability to catch the ball, and he’s done that.”

On wide receivers: “It’s been improved. We always strive to get better in every area — and that’s an area. We’re trying to improve on that and it’s improved … there’s already been numerous blocks on touchdowns (from receivers).”

On what Harbaugh learned about Shea Patterson on Saturday: “A lot. It’s a great feeling as a quarterback with a comeback win. His energy was infectious in the game. When the game was tight and needed a spark — he gave it. When it got closer — he gave more energy. He took plays into his own hands at times. He was chasing the victory and rallying his teammates — not everybody has that, he showed it.”

On Maryland: “Very highly ranked defense — a lot of speed on defense. They will put points on the board offensively.”

On Chase Winovich missed holding calls: “Chase is playing at a really high level. He’s gaining a lot of attention. One time he got three guys paying him attention — that’s ultimate respect for a defensive end or pass rusher. He earned it, he’s all over the field and was our player of the game again this week. They try to chip, hold and double-team … those are ultimate compliments for defensive end. You’ve had a tremendous start to the season, Chase.”

On Karan Higdon’s questionable holding penalty: “Didn’t get explanation for Karan Higdon holding call.”

On Saturday’s 17-point-comeback, and if that helps the team going forward: “It helps. It helps a lot — a lot of successful seasons, there’s always a win like that. I’m proud of our guys.”

On what homecoming means to him: “It’s one of the great words in the English language — a homecoming.”

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