Was LaMelo Ball at a Michigan basketball game?

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The relevance of the Ball family has mellowed out since its not-so-humble beginnings. Nonetheless, there’s still one more amateur in the family to enter college basketball and he’s widely believed to be the best of the bunch.

Pairing the innocent and brilliant John Beilein with the loud and supportive Lavar Ball sounds impossible.

However, a visitor on the sidelines of Crisler Arena looked a whole lot like the youngest of the Ball family, LaMelo.

This video from yesterday via ESPN shows LaMelo and father Lavar, looking very similar to the one in the photo.

Nice detective work by @Ekouza1.

Following the game, tweets were posted saying it was, in fact, LaMelo, surrounded by fans and taking pictures with them.

We’ll see if the Ball family has any real interest in attending Michigan. Despite playing professionally across the water, according to this story, he can still play in the NCAA, and intends to do so.

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