Live Michigan Football Q&A


With the bye week upon us, the Michigan football team can take a much-needed breath. The Wolverines’ double-overtime thriller against Army brought the unexpected early-season drama that the Wolverines hoped to avoid.

Perhaps Michigan’s performance over the first two weeks has posed more questions than it has answered. If you have a question, now is the perfect chance to have all it answered! Sign in and drop a comment below and Brandon Justice or Daniel Dash of The Wolverine Lounge will get back to you immediately. The session ends at 6:30PM ET.


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  1. Hey everyone! Comment your questions below. Ask us anything you’ve got.

  2. Any update on the Health of the DT’s? Seems like a big concern going into a game where we are going to have to stop the run.

    • At this juncture, there shouldn’t be any health issues with that position headed into the game.